"If I'm to continue as an artist, I have to try and re-invent myself. Creating the studies and paintings directly with my fingers and hands instead of using tools for the surfaces has helped me get connected directly to my works. In a world with so much being thrown at us each day my new art has helped me evolved more minimally not only in my art but also in life. It has taken me 23 years to eliminate the unnecessary elements from my work."
– Andy Lakey


Andy Lakey
Born 1959 in Chateauroux, France.

Artist Andy Lakey began a prodigious artistic odyssey in 1989, creating original works in a variety of media, including painting, sculpture, and drawing. In 1999, Lakey suffered chronic health issues from overexposure to art materials in his studio, resulting in debilitating conditions and multiple surgeries. He was forced to take a hiatus from his art to focus on his health.

Lakey returned to the studio part-time, wearing protective gear and oxygen, but was soon diagnosed with hand tremors. He was no longer able to use his hands to create his heavy relief work. Under multiple medications and therapies, Lakey reinvented his art form, creating a two-stage painting cycle. The cycle consists of studies, the preparatory work, and paintings, the eventual art works that result from the studies. Using his fingers and hands, connecting directly with the surfaces, this technique proves to be both therapeutic and healing as he is able to dramatically reduce his medications.

Projects that will take him outside the studio include producing and directing short films. Lakey views his physical health issues as catalysts to his evolution as an artist.